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I would have mercy and not sacrifice. What?

God desires that we have intimate knowledge of him and a faithful love toward him and others rather than religious activity on our part. Twice in the gospel of Matthew, Jesus quotes this passage from Hosea 6:6. Jesus’ command to the Pharisees was, “Go and learn what this means,” and then quotes Hosea 6:6a, “I desire mercy, and not sacrifice” (Matthew 9:13 and 12:7). So, it makes sense to me that we should take the hint and make sure we also know what this means since Jesus was obviously not happy that these Pharisees did not comprehend its meaning.

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The strongholds of the west

Jesus said we cannot plunder the strong man unless we first bind the strong man. In the grand historical-redemptive picture, I believe Jesus spoke of his life, death, and resurrection that defeated Satan and his minions, thus allowing sinful humans to be set free, i.e., plundered from Satan’s kingdom of darkness. I also believe there is a more localized application

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Praying for a Disciple-Making Movement

Exactly what is a Disciple-Making Movement (DMM)? Why pray for one? There are a few different definitions of DMM, but they all fall somewhere in the range of the definition I will quote here from Jerry Trousdale and Glen Sunshine’s book, The Kingdom Unleashed. “Disciple Making Movement (DMM): a process of disciples making disciples, and churches planting at least 100 churches, with four or more generations of replication.”

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Gospel conversations

72% of practicing Christians pray monthly to share their faith with non-Christians. 40% pray for opportunities to share their faith daily. Practicing Christians are not opposed to sharing the gospel with non-Christians. There is a segment that believes that it is wrong to share our faith with the hope of converting the person shared with. 27% of all practicing Christians, and 47% of millennial practicing Christians believe evangelism is wrong.

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Called to make disciples

The word “evangelism” never appears in the Bible. The word evangelist(s) appears a total of three times in the Bible. I was surprised at this when I actually decided to study evangelism in the Bible since it is encouraged so strongly in the evangelical church. Even the Great Commission (our text above) doesn’t mention evangelism or evangelist. Should I conclude from these facts that we are wrong to emphasize taking the gospel to people who don’t know Jesus? No. So, what exactly did Jesus commission us to do?

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My story in brief…

Christ first came into my life at the age of 5 during a series of evangelistic meetings in our tiny country Quaker church house in Gate, Oklahoma. Since then it has been a process of “Stumbling forward by grace, through faith in Christ.” I experienced a significant personal revival at the age of 19 and have been much in love with the Lord ever since…five decades-plus.

My passion is to enjoy the Lord by encouraging others to make progress in their lives…living life successfully. I do that primarily through my disciple-making efforts and through my writing.

I spent about 20 years in public ministry and at the age of 40 decided that I had allowed my passion for ministry to impede my prior duty to my family, so I stepped aside. I found a new career as a financial advisor and now make my living serving my financial planning clients.

I now consider myself to be a bi-vocational minister of the gospel.

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