I have one passion, to know and enjoy the Lord and then to share that joy and knowledge of God with others in a manner that helps them make progress in their lives. I am an encourager/exhorter. Let’s make progress. I am not a motivational speaker, I am a teacher of God’s word done as an encourager/exhorter does it. That is motivational, but it is motivational because of my own passion for the Lord.

What you will find here.

  • What you can expect
  • Photos for publicity
  • Bio for use in introductions

What you can expect from me.

  1. Prompt, professional responses to your phone calls and emails.
  2. A personal phone consultation with me prior to your event, so we can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.
  3. An announcement about your event on my blog and social media channels. (This assumes that your event is open to the public and you want additional visibility for it.)
  4. Biblically sound teaching presented prayerfully with dependence on the Holy Spirit for his powerful anointing and insight. Without Him, I can do nothing.

Photos for publicity

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Bio for use in an introduction

Charles L. Stanley spent the first twenty years of his adult life in various Christian ministry positions including a Youth Pastor, Coordinator of an interdenominational renewal ministry, a year with Campus Crusade for Christ during the Here’s Life America Campaign, and several years as a Senior Pastor. He was ordained at Bethany Baptist Church (now Bethany Church) in Baker, Louisiana in 1969.

Family circumstances caused him to step aside and find a new career in Financial Planning. This eventually led to acting as an Expert Witness in litigation between Trustees and Beneficiaries of family trusts.

Writing has always been a part of Charles’ work. He was published on financial topics in various publications in the US and Canada with his Jewish writing partner. In 2008, during one of his meetings his partner said, “Charles, you should write about what you are really passionate about.” He knew that would mean gospel writing, telling the good news. Gospel writing has been a major focus of Charles’ life ever since. He publishes a weekly blog titled Living Life Successfully: a devotional approach to real life. It can be found at charleslstanley.com.

What started with writing has expanded into a Disciple-Making ministry in which he is working with others to catalyze a Disciple-Making Movement in North San Diego County (NSDC), California. The goal is to build multiplying Disciple-Makers who will multiply to the fourth generation and beyond.

Disciple-Making Movements are preceded by extraordinary prayer and fasting. To facilitate this kind of focused prayer Charles is working to catalyze the NSDC Prayer Force with an initial goal of 1,000 prayer missionaries in North San Diego County (NSDC) who will pray for the Disciple-Making Movement in NSDC that will bring the Kingdom of God into the lives of hundreds of thousands of its residents.

Charles has a basic motivational gift of an exhorter/encourager and seeks to help others make progress in their lives.

Charles has been married to his wife, Karen, for 55 years. They have two children and two grandchildren, all of whom are loving the Lord.