I have been writing one way or another for decades. A few years ago, I began to get a little serious about it and began to study the craft. Life happened and all my best intentions to write more just fell by the wayside. Now, I am making writing a major component of my life and my mission to share the gospel through my writing.

What does it mean to live life successfully?

Living Life Successfully is living joyfully!

A joyful life follows submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the recognition that He loves us and wants our intimate fellowship. Our purpose is to glorify God by enjoying him forever.

Living Life Successfully is glorifying God through the faithful use of the gifts and talents he has given, recognizing the sovereignty of God in his granting of those gifts and talents and living with integrity characterized by the gracious gospel of Christ.

Living Life Successfully is a life of grace, not a life of religious rules.

For some, the diligent use of the gifts and talents they have been given by God will produce wealth and the things our culture identifies with success.

For others, the faithful and diligent use of their gifts will produce great results but not necessarily those that look like success to our culture. These folks are, nonetheless, successful in the kingdom of God.

The chief coin of successful living in this understanding is joy, not coin. Joy has an eternal nature, cultural success is doomed to the temporary ash-heaps of this life.

The Mission

After saying all of that, the mission of Living Life Successfully is to share the gospel from all of Scripture and encourage the deepening of our knowledge, passion, and experience of God through a devotional format.

The Methodology

I will provide one devotional reading per week. The format is different from most devotionals and is based on my conviction that it is only God’s word that will change our lives and not my writing. Therefore, I will always include a meaningful Scripture reading before making my comments. My comments will hopefully, by aid of the Holy Spirit, provide insight into God’s word that will help you to see and know God more intimately and more accurately.

And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.

– John 17:3

The Community

One of the most important components is for you to engage in the comments section. It is here that we all get a chance to enter into the conversation around God’s word. You may have your own stories that reflect on the truth of the week that will be helpful to others. Or, you may have questions that were raised by the post. If you have questions, surely many others do as well. So, please enter into the conversation and we will all have fellowship together.