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Can I love God and be disobedient?

What is the relationship between love and obedience? Do I earn God’s love through my obedience?

Obedience is an essential quality of a disciple of Jesus.

Jesus gives us the true pattern. In verse 31, he says that he does what the Father commanded “so that” the world may know that I love the Father. Jesus’ obedience was intended to be a demonstration of his love for the Father. Is that the ultimate motivation for Jesus? And, does that mean that we obey so that the world will believe that we love Jesus? Is that the motivation for our obedience?

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Faith in Jesus is a progressive journey

Jesus has called us to make disciples. It is helpful to know how that happens. The image we get from observing people coming to faith at mass evangelism crusades like those of Billy Graham or, more currently, Harvest Crusades led by Greg Laurie make it appear that faith in Jesus just happened instantaneously on the spot. And, I will admit, that it may happen that way for some people. However, that is not what we find in the example of the official from Capernaum.

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What is a disciple?

The term “discipleship” has become a trendy buzzword in Evangelical circles in recent years. Unfortunately, there is no commonly accepted definition of discipleship or disciple. A lack of definition leaves room for a great deal of confusion when discussing discipleship or disciple-making.

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My story in brief…

Christ first came into my life at the age of 5 during a series of evangelistic meetings in our tiny country Quaker church house in Gate, Oklahoma. Since then it has been a process of “Stumbling forward by grace, through faith in Christ.” I experienced a significant personal revival at the age of 19 and have been much in love with the Lord ever since…five decades-plus.

My passion is to enjoy the Lord by encouraging others to make progress in their lives…living life successfully. I do that primarily through my disciple-making efforts and through my writing.

I spent about 20 years in public ministry and at the age of 40 decided that I had allowed my passion for ministry to impede my prior duty to my family, so I stepped aside. I found a new career as a financial advisor and now make my living serving my financial planning clients.

I now consider myself to be a bi-vocational minister of the gospel.

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